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In honor of luminous courage
From  the gardens of Gethsemane, where
Veils are thin and conversation flows easily through dimensional winds, (all dimensions) hearts n souls vortex, spiraling into ‘the one’. Breathing the ‘I Am’, the illusion is separation.
all asking,  all receiving,  all gratitude, all peace.  Feeling limitless, all expanding and strangely at the same time feeling shored and supported. 'I am' now everywhere, dual behavior, both a particle and a wave, ‘Quantum me’. Ahhh this feeling, at the core of me, the with smallest particles, quarks and leptons of love to build this life, these lives.  I explore the unseen. Thinking, seeing with closed eyes, believing to create my gift for you.

Observing the turbulent place on this planet, microcosm of all dis~ease, pressure cooker of unique religious ideals smashing together, it’s the large Hadron collider of the legalistic religious world. Atomic pressure to split beliefs to the smallest common  particle, ‘love’, perhaps the God particle.
Is it possible, can we dare to dream what has not been spoken. Bravely speak with kindness when we fear ‘they’ (us)  don’t understand ‘our' (their)
words. Can we dream love as the tiniest particle in fear? Can we crack open our fear, have strength to sidestep the perceived known, into the open, curious unknown, can we dare to rewrite our generational beliefs that no longer serve us? Find a limitless devotion that includes all, welcomes all, open to seeing all the faces of ‘us’ as one?
Look through the closed door, Visualize with intention, join me, I see limitless love and a courage to dream our reality into life. 

'I AM' hoME

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